South Arabian Jet Provost's!

(Copyright Unknown)

During 1967 the British Goverment set about creating the South Arabian Air Force before independance, headquartered at Khormaksar. For offensive dutie's, 4 former Royal Air Force Jet Provost T.MK.4's were converted to armed T.MK.52's. Serial number 103 is seen here prior to being crated for onward delivery.

(all three, Copyright Unknown)

The above three photo's show Aircraft 101 and 102 being re-assembled at Khormaksar after delivery in 1967.

(Copyright John Severne)

101 is seen here, low over the Southern Arabian landscape. They were destined to carry their markings for only a few weeks, since after independance, the Country was to became South Yemen, and the roundel was soon replaced.

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