A really Hip North Korean!

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North Korean stuff is always a bonus due to their rarity. This Mi-8T Hip-C (coded 108), is seen here at Pyongyang in Air Koryo colours. Air Koryo uses aircraft of the Air Force on both internal and international flights.


Georgia Independance Day!

Georgia celebrated it's independance day on the 26th May with a flypast over the capital Tblishi. Amongst the types involved were these L-39C Albatross trainer's.

Mi-8PS Hip-C (Blue 51)

Two version's of the widely used Mi-24 Hind are in use with the Georgian Air Force, namely the Hind-F (foreground) and the Hind-E (behind). Note the differing colour schemes.

The Su-25 is the manistay of the Georgian Air Force.

(All Photo's Courtesy of Spaak)