Qatari fast Jets!

(All Photo's Copyright of Guillaume Besnard)

Here's some really nice stuff from the Qatar Emiri Air Force, comprising a lovely Alpha Jet EQ  serialed QA53, two really sleak looking Mirage 2000-5EDA's serialed QA92 and QA94, and a Twin stick Mirage 2000-5DDA serialed QA85.

The two types serve under the control of the 1st Fighter Wing at Doha IAP, with the Alpha's belonging to 11 Squadron, and the Mirage's with 7 Squadron. All the photo's were taken in August 2010.

2e Escadre de Transport Tactique et Logistique Gulfstream IV-SP

(Copyright ThreeForty)

Algeria has used several Gulfstream's down the years. This is a Gulfstream IV-SP from the Algerian Air Force's 2e Escadre de Transport Tactique et Logistique (2e ETTL) based at Boufarik. 7T-VPM (c.n.1421) was photographed last year and carries a Red Crescent marking on the fuselage side, just visable in the top photo.

Bahrain VIP's

Seen here (above) during April 2010, is a Bae146-RJ85 A9C-HWR (c.n.E2306) from the Bahrain Defence Force's Bahrain Amiri Royal Flight based at Shaikh Isa AB.

(All Photo's Copyright ThreeForty)

The Bahrain Amiri Royal Flight also use's this rather smart painted G550 Gulfstream V-SP. A9C-BRN (c.n.5242) operate's out of Sakhir AB.


Panama One!

(Copyright Ben King - Planespotters.net)

(Copyright ThreeForty)

A very welcome and rare visitor to Europe recently was this EMB-135BJ Legacy from the Panama Air Force's Escuadrilla Presidencial at Tocumen - Marcos A. Gelabert. She is serialed HP-1A (c.n.14501066) and was delivered last year, so hopefully, we may be seeing a little more of her!

Kazakh Clobber

(Copyright ThreeForty)

Seen during December 2005 this Yak-42D Clobber UN-42641 (c.n.4520423302017) was operated by the Alma Ata based company Khozu Avia, whom operate VIP flights on behalf of the Kazakhstan Goverment.

Morrocan T-6C delivery.

(All Photo's Copyright of Kevin Marchbank - www.flickr.com/photos/kevinwm)

Seen staging through Glasgow on 24th January were the Morrocan Air Forces first 4 T-6C Texan II's of the 24 on order. They carried the codes that were applied to their T-34C Turbo-Mentors, of which, alongside the remaining 14 T-37's, they will be replacing. The Aircraft above are serialed as such:-


Special thanks to Kevin Marchbank

Algerian Merlin's at Prestwick!

( Photo's Copyright of Kevin Marchbank - www.flickr.com/photos/kevinwm/)

These two Merlin MK.610's are part of an order of 6 that was placed back in 2007 for the Algerian Navy. These photo's show ZR329(c.n.50229) and ZR331(c.n.50231) going through their pre-delivery shake-down flights at Prestwick Airport on the 24th Feb. Does anyone know the Algerian serials/codes. and their operating unit, base ect?

Thanks to Kevin Marchbank for kindly allowing us to view these photos!