LARAF Mirage 5DD

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This Libyan Mirage 5DD (201) is one of 15 ordered by Libya in 1970. Although used for conversion, they retain a single Canon and have full bomb carrying capacity as their single seat cousins.

ADAF Mirage 5RAD

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One of  3 Mirage 5RAD's that were operated by the Abu Dhabi Air Forces II Shaheen Squadron at Al Dhafra. Aircraft 403 is seen here during the mid 1970's carrying the old Abu Dhabi Roundal and flash.

Zaire Mirage 5M

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Proberly photographed at Dijon in France, where Zaire crews were trained on their new mounts before delivery to the 21st Wing's 211 Esc of the Zaire Air Force, based at Kamina. M401 is one of 14 Mirage 5M's and three Mirage 5 DM's that were ordered in 1973, and a DM can be seen parked behind (possibly Aircraft M201).

Africa's bleading heart - Democratic Republic of Congo

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Looking into the military hanger at Kinshasa. Two SU-25K's, A MiG-23UB, and two AN-26's can be seen.
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A total of 10 Su-25's were reportedly delivered to the Congo from Georgia and seem to based at Kinshasa if the two photo's above are anything to go on. FG500 is an SU-25K, and is seen here hangered with an ex Libyan MiG-23UB sitting behind on the 23rd July 2006.

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A rather dubious serial adorns this Mi-8P Hip-C, since its actually a VIP machine with the Congolese Air Force.
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Mi-35 Hind-E (9T-HM3) lies derelict at Gbodolite.

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This is all that is left of a few MiG-21PFM's that were supplied by Serbia. Did it ever fly?

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A light grey painted AN-26B sits idly within the Military hanger at Kinshasa. She is serialed 9T-TAB.

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A rather nondiscript AN-12BK (c.n.5343507) 9T-TCM AT Kisangani. Maybe its painted all white, to blend in with the multi tude of UN aircraft? More than likely, its just how it was delivered, since the Congolese seem to be happy just to slap thier serial on the side, and let it continue as it did before (Copyright Alexandr Lazarev - Spotters.net.ua)

One to make your eyes waters! A congolese Mi-26T Halo (9T-HM15) rolls along the runway at Kananga on 17th Aug, 2005.

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This AN-12B Cub (c.n.5343606) EX-001 is being used on behlaf of the Congolese Air Force, and is seen here at Kinshasa

Pakistan Gulfstream IV-SP

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Visiting Munich on the 5th February, was this Gulfstream IV-SP of the Pakistan Air Force. Serialled J-756 (c.n.4090), it belongs to 12 Squadron/ 36 Wing operating out of Chaklala.