Tanzania's Air Force Two!!

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Aswell as the previously shown Gulfstream, Tanzania also use's the older F.28-3000 Fellowship on Govermental and VIP work. 5H-CCM (c.n.11137) is seen here at Woensdrecht last year, proberly for maintenance.

Back to the Congo...

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From top to Bottom:-

1. Three Aermacchi MB.326K's sit in that hanger again at Kisangani. Visable are FG-478 and FG-479.

2. Another view of MB.326K FG-479. As a bonus, in this photo, you can also see the tail section of a SF.260MZ Warrior, a couple of Antonov's, a surviving C-130H, and one of the two MiG-23UB's!

3. A flypast by the Air Force over the capital last year, included this Light Grey painted An.26 Curl in full Air Force colours. I just cant discern the serial, so if anyone knows?

4. Also included in that flypast, were these two wonderfully camouflaged Mi-8T Hip-C's. Again, the serials are not visable, so if anyone knows?

5. Photographed a few years ago at Kisangani was this Mi-35 Hind-E serieled 9T-HM2.

6. And finally, that second ex Libyan MiG-23UB Flogger-C serieled FG-2000, and carrying the old Libyan serial of 7920 on its nose!

Remember, a lot of my photo's come from uncheckable source's such as Aviation Forums, so if anyone recognise's a photo that belong's to them, please drop me a line, and i will gladly credit the photo to you!!

Force Aérienne de la Cote d’Ivoire MiG-23MLD's!!

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Pictured above, are the two ex Bulgarian MiG-23MLD(E) Flogger-K's that were being supplied to the Force Aérienne de la Cote d’Ivoire after the french intervention in 2004, before being impounded at Lome, in Togo.. The one at the rear carries the serial of TU-VCH, and since that TU-VCG is allocated to a Alpha Jet and i can find no record for TU-VCI, im presuming the other could be serialed as that?

The other photo has been seen before, but i dont think youve seen it in high-res. Just wish the ugly black SAAF sign was not in the top corner lol. But hey, its still a super shot!

SA.342M Gazelle's for Iraq

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The rapidly expanding Iraqi Air Force took delivery of the 6 former ALAT SA.342M Gazelle's last year, and can be seen here being loaded on to a IL-76TD. They were delivered to a new Squadron (88) based at Taji in the north of the country.

YI-298 (c.n.1895) is ex ALAT  3895/BGT