From the Past - Argentine Naval Aviation!

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Four Bell 47G-2's were supplied to the COAN following an earlier 6 "D" models. Seen here is 0536/4-H-3 at Base Aeronaval Punta Indio - Veronica, whilst in operation with the Escuadra Aeronaval 4. It proberly wears an overall yellow scheme, does anyone have any colour photo's out there?

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A single HSS-1 Seabat was delivered in 1957, when (judging by the code) this photo may have been taken. 0407/2-HT-10(c.n.58-611) is seen here with the Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Helicópteros operating out of Base Aeronaval Comandante Espora -Bahía Blanca. She was written off in a pre-flight fire during 1961, whilst wearing the code 2-H-21. Again, i presume the scheme is all Yellow/orange?

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0371/4-H-12(c.n.55-633) is one of 12 H-19C Chickasaw delivered to the COAN. It is seen here a Midnight Blue, orange scheme, whilst operating with the Escuadra Aeronaval 4.

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0371/4-H-12 again, this time in a rather smart looking Sliver dupe.

Another rare beast.......Ejercito Peru Crusader!

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Only two examples were purchased by the Peruvian Army aviation back in 1996. Both are used on liason duties with the Batallón de Aviones 811 out of Lima-Callao. This aircraft is serialed EP-820(c.n.T303-00232), and is seen here at an Airshow during last year.

Iraqi T-6A's on delivery

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Seen on delivery to the Iraqi Air Force 15/16 September last year, are these three T-6A Texan II's. They are destined for the Tikrit-Al Sabra based Flying Training Wings, 3rd Training Squadron. Seen above are:-

YI-509 (c.n.PT512)
YI-510 (c.n.PT513)
YI-511 (c.n.PT-514)

To see more of Kevin's excellent photo's, please follow the link to his flickr page.


Something very rare - operational Brazilian Impala's!

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In a deal reached with the South African Goverment during 2004, ARMSCOR were to supply the Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB) around 14 ex SAAF Impala I/II's . However, after the delivery of the first Aircraft, they were found to be in so bad condition that, the deal was scrapped. Two Impala II's did make it into FAB service however, with the Natal-Augusto Severo based 1°/4°GAv.

Operated in their former SAAF Dark Green and Earth scheme, the two aircraft were designated as AT-26A's and given the registrations FAB-4630 AND 4632. They were not to serve for long, since the 1°/4°GAv soon converted to the F-5EM at Manaus-Ponta Pelada.

Tie ups are:-

Ex SAAF 1085 (c.n.86) to FAB-4630
Ex SAAF 1003?? to FAB-4632


Malawi Puma!

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The Malawi Air Wing operates both the Puma and Super Puma. MAAW-H11 is a SA.330H Puma.

A little more from Angola....

A pair of SU-22M-4 Fitter-H's wearing the new roundel, sit behind two L-39's at Catumbela.

An ex Isreali Bell 212 (c.n.32222) H-804 is seen hovering over the apron at Luanda.

A line up of AN-72/74's lined up at Luanda, with a sole AN-32B Cline.

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A gaggle off white painted Mi-8MT.s (including H-618) on the ramp at Luanda.

Ejercito Ecuador Mi-171E

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These two Mi-171E's belong to the Ecaudorian Army's Brigada de Aviación No.15 at Sangolquí. Serialed E-487 and E-488 they are painted in an overall dark green scheme.

Kampuchea Mils

Mi-8PS Hip-C (c.n.??) XU-802  Phnom Penh-Pochentong   1992

(Both Photo's Copyright Gererd Helmer - Airliners.net)

Mi.17-1V Hip-H (c.n.229M01) XU-170  Phnom Penh-Pochentong   1992

Dont be fooled by the Kampuchean Airlines titles,these are actually Air Force owned!!

Some Angolan stuff!

Yak-40K Codling (c.n.9820558) D2-MAS  May 2010

AN-32B Cline (c.n.2104) T-251  May 2010

EMB.120ER Brasilia (c.n.120359) T-500  May 2010

AN-12BP Cub (c.n.??) T-315  March 2010

BD.700-1A10 Global Express (c.n.9232) D2-ANG  March 2010

(All photo's Copyright 747SP - PlanePictures.net)

Escape to Malta - Libyan Mirage F1

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A little bit late with this one, since most of you have alreadty seen pictures. This one does not have any ugly watermarks enblazened across it, so worth the wait me thinks!. Chillingly, they were carrying Matra Rocket Pods, containing 68mm SNEB unguided rockets. What a way to treat your own people, or were they to be used against rogue Army elements whom had defected, since surely Helicopters would be more suited in attacking civilians? Either way, its a war crime.

Tanzania's Air Force One!

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A visitor to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland last month, was this elegant G550 Gulfstream V-SP (c.n.5030) 5H-ONE of the Tanzanian Air Force's Goverment Flight Agency (TPDF/AW) based at Dar es Salaam. Below is a close up of the Tanzanian Coat of Arms located behind the cockpit.

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Bangladesh F-7BG!!

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A F-7BG (serialed 935) climbs out of Bashar AB in Dhaka last month. It carries both 5 and 35 Squadron insignia, since aircraft are pooled.

RTAF Saab 340B on delivery!

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Seen passing through Budapest on the 20-12-10, was this Saab 340B (c.n.372) 70202 on delivery to the Thai Air Force, alongside it's Erieye within 702 Squadron at Surat Thani.

More from Djibouti!!!

Djibouti's new Turbolet (J2-MBE) is seen here at a rough Air strip. She was delivered last month. More Djibouti pics can be found in an earlier post!

Seems the AN-28 Cash J2-MAT is no longer in service!

This Mi-8T does not seem to be carrying a serial. Can anyone supply it?

Mi-35 Hind-E J2-MBD sits waiting for its overhaul.

A Mi-35P Hind-F (J2-MBC) is seen here under tow.

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Algerian King Air C.90

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Seen on its delivery flight in Spain during 1995, and carrying its ferry registration of N3128K, this King Air C90B is actually 7T-WCA. It is in service with the 68th EEP.

Bamako Air Base 1997

Armée de l'Air du Mali MiG-21bis-SAU Fishbed-N lie idle in their hanger at Bamako-Senou during 1997. Five of this Model were supplied to Mali, and were used during its short War with Burkina-Faso.

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Zaire Buffalo

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Zaire received three DHC-5D Buffalo's. 9T-CBA (c.n.72) was the first to be delivered, the others being 9T-CBB (cn.73) and 9T-CBC (c.n.73).

Yemeni AN-12B Cub

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Photographed at khormaksar in January 1992, this AN-12B Cub serialed 802/7O-ABM is one that was formally used by South Yemen before unification in 1990. Any survivors are now under the control of 115 Squadron operating out of Saana IAP.

Libyan Twin Otter

DHC.6-300 Twin Otter 5A-DDC (c.n.682) was used by the Libyan Ministry of Agriculture, aswell as other Govermental departments. Its seen here, maybe back under Air Force control.

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Slovenian PC-9

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Slovenia's initial PC-9's were ex US Army example's 91-0071(c.n.182), 91-0072 (c.n.181) and 91-0073 (c.n.180). They were allocated the Slovenian serials of S5-DPI, S5-DPT and S5-DSL respectively, and were delivered during March 1995. S5-DPI "Piran" is seen here at Ljubiana-Brnik where they served alongside the later delivered PC-9M's within the 15th Brigades, Letalska Eskadrila.

A couple of Indonesians

These two photo's seem to be have been taken at the same Air event during the mid Eighties. The NC.212M-200 Aviocar A-2107 (c.n.249/N69) is painted in the original White and Grey, and is from 4 Sku at Malang. The other bird is one of Indonesia Naval Air Arm's Searchmaster L aircraft, equipped for patrolling Indonesia's exstensive coastal waters. She carries the Badge of 800 Sku operating from Surabaya-Juanda. She is serialed P-817 (c.n.125M), and was written off in waters off  Mapur Island during May 1987.

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Nepal Islander

Nepal use's a couple of Islander's that were donated to them by the UK Goverment. Operated by the Nepal Army Air Wing's 11th Brigade based at Kathmandu. BN-2T (c.n.2190) RAN-50 carries no Identification marks at all, and is pictured here during 2008.

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Togo's Epsilons return home!

All three of the Togo Air Forces Epsilon fleet which had been undergoing refurbishment in France, returned home last October. The 3 aircraft 5T-MAS, 5T-MAT and 5T-MAU are based at Niamtougou.

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