Jordanian F-16's at play!

(Copyright Unknown)

F-16AM Fighting Falcon 675 acts as wingman to two other 6 Squadron F-16's from Azraq.

(Copyright Edwin Borremans & Stefan Degraef )

152 stands ready under the floodlit light at Azraq. She is an ex Belgian F-16AM and is operated by 1 Squadron.

(Copyright Edwin Borremans & Stefan Degraef )

Another 1 Squadron machine, this time in the form of an ex Dutch F-16BM serialed 130, inside it's hanger at Azraq,

(Copyright Edwin Borremans & Stefan Degraef )

F-16BM serial 136 in formation with a couple of other 1 Squadron mounts over the Jordanian desert.

(Copyright Edwin Borremans & Stefan Degraef )

Underside view of the above threesome from Azraq.

Kenyan Defender and Panda!

Kenya's fleet of MD500M/MD/ME's are located at Moi and Embakasi. Photographed in October last year on a trip to Mombasa, serial 537 seems to be one its Scout versions. Its in service with the Army Aviation flight.

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136 is one of 11 surviving Harbin Y.12-II Panda's that have been aquired from China. She is seen landing at Eastleigh.


Kyrgyzstan Mi-17!!

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This Photo was taken during August 2003 at the SPARC upgrade facility in St. Petersburg,  and show's a recently upgraded Kyrgyzstan Air Force Mi-17 Hip-H (serialed 101). Most of Kyrgyzstan's aviation asset's are located at Kant.

Ejercito Ecuador King Air

(Copyright Dick Lohuis)

Thank's go to Dick for this pleasing image of  a Ecuadorian Army Super King Air B200. Dick was lucky to Photograph her at Quito back in October 1999. Serialed AEE-101 (c.n.B8-811), she was unfortunatly lost on finals ten years later, on the 19-03-09.