Egyptian Commando

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Egypt was one of  the few countrie's that bought the Commando version of the Westland Seaking, purchasing a total 28 in 4 version's. Commando MK.2B  723 (c.n.WA806) is one of two VIP version's delivered to the 506th Transport Brigade at Cairo-Almaza.

Mongolia's Mi-171E's

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A tourist's stop at UlaanBator IAP on August 15th, 2010 gave up Mongolia's two Mi-171E's that were purchased during 2008. MT-1001 is fitted with Square window's and has a rather smart Airline style paint job for it's VIP role. MT-1002 on the other hand, looks much more buisiness like!

Mexico's Convair

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Conviar CV.580 TE-003 (c.n.455) of the Fuerza Aerea Mexicana sit's out under the Santa Lucia sun during 2000. Does anyone know the operating unit?

Bangladesh Biman Bahini MiG-21!

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Bangladesh ordered 10 MiG-21MF Fishbed-J's and a single MiG-21UM Mongol-A shortly after its war for Independance to supplant it's F-86 Sabre's. Arriving during 1973, they were operated by 5 Squadron from Dhaka AB. 046 (c.n.5169..046) is seen here in storage shortly after being withdrawn.

Singapore Warrior and Hunter!

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Aswell as 16 unarmed SF-260MS Warrior's, the Republic of Singapore Air Force also recieved 12 armed SF-260WS versions for operation with 150 Squadron at Seletar. Seen here wearing the second generation style Roundel is aircraft 156 (c.n.524/39-006). She was transferred to tne Indonesian Air Force and registered as LK-2607 during 2002.

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A line up of 140 Squadron Hunter's at their Paya Lebar Base sometime during 1986. Aircraft 521 is an ex Royal Air Force FGA.MK.9 converted to FGA.MK.74B standard, and is one of 22 such version's that were delivered from 1972.

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141 Squadron was the last Hunter operator, dispensing with them for the RF-5E during 1992 at Tengah. Aircraft 534 is carrying the current roundel, and is an FGA.MK.74B.

Sudanese Mi-172

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Seen at Kazan and awaiting loading for delivery to the Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya As-Sudaniya back in August 2009, is Mi-172 ST-GFK. One of possibly two in use on VIP and Govermental transportation task's from the Military side of Khartoum IAP, and adjacent to the Defence Headquater's.

Gabon's new Helicopter!

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Seen at Manching on the 7th February, was this brand new EC-135 for the Force Aerienne Gabonaises. TR-KCZ (c.n.0956) is believed to be part of an oder for two.