Myanmar Fantan!!

(Copyright Andy Davey - Air Britain)

A nice shot of a Myanmar Air Force A-5C Fantan being towed across the Nyaung runway on March 1st. It is serialed 1526, and is one of 36 reported to be in service.

Thai Army inducts its first Mi-17's

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The Thai Army has recieved the first three of  the 16 Mi.17-V5's that were ordered during 2008. The were originally delivered by AN-124 to Utapao Airbase in February, where there were re-asssembled. Two are seen here on the 28th March at Bangkok, where they are being inducted into service with the 11th Infantry Regiment.

Zambia Presidential

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Seen visiting Rand Airport in South Africa on the 13th March, HS.748.srs.265 (c/n.1688) AF-602. She was purchased in 1971 as a replacement for an earlier srs.231 which was unfortunately lost on the 26th August 1969.  She is used by the VIP Flight based at Lusaka.


A Dominican Feast!

The Escuadrón de Combate "Dragone's" based at San Isidro-San Domingo operate the A-29B Super Tucano on Drug Interdiction duties. Eight were ordered, being delivered from 2009, and replacing the elderly A-37B's.

Two Photo's above show an ex USAF OA-37B Dragonfly sometime during the mid ninetie's. Eight were delivered to the Escuadrón de Combate during 1984, and served until around 2010. FAD3707 (c/n 43430) is former USAF 73-1067.

Seen sometime during the late 60's is one the Fuersza Aerea Dominicana's 17 ex Swedish Air Force Vampire FB.MK.50's that were recieved during 1957. FAD2727 (Swedish 28174) is seen here at San Isidro with the Escuadrón de Combate.

AT-100 Super Ximango FAD1705 is one of around two that have been delivered to the FAD for observation dutie's. They are operated by the Escuadrón de Transporte Aéreo.

Eight militarised civilian Bell 205A-1's were aquired between 1976 and 1983 for operation with the Escuadrón de Rescate. FAD3026 (c/n 30182) was sold back to Bell Textron during 2000.

Seen at San Isidro recently, is C-45H Expeditor FAD1510, devoid of any marking's and in a rather bad state.

The Escuadrón de Transporte uses several types for both general transport and liason task's. FAD3500 is one of three CASA C.212-400 Aviocar's in service.

Cessna 207 Super Skywagon FAD1537 is now back in Air Force service after a brief spell on the civil register. She is operated by the Escuadrón de Transporte.

Another type operated by the Escuadrón de Transporte, is the Cessna 210 Super Centurion. FAD1542 is seen here, taking off from it's San Isidro base.

FAD1546 is one of three Eagle Aviation EA-100S aircraft that were delivered to the Escuela de Aviacion at San Isidro during 2010.

This S-55C Chickasaw is a survivor of  three that were delivered during the late 50's. She served with the Escuadrón de Rescate, and is seen here on display at Air Force's museum.

PA-31-350 Navajo FAD1539 of the Escuadrón de Transporte, looking rather smart in it's overall light grey scheme.

Three Beech Queen Air's have served with the FAD through time. FAD1528 (c/n LC-269) still carries it's former identity, and is seen here stored at San Isidro. She was proberly wfu soon after delivery, and is a Queen Air A65.

Four Schweizer 333 helicopter's were delivered to the Escuela de Aviacion during 2004. FAD3042 (c/n 0044A) being  one of them.

Three T-35B Pillan's from the  Escuela de Aviacion. At least two have been lost since thier delivery during 2000, out of  the Eight recieved.

This is one of six UH-1H's recieved during 1998 for operation within the Escuadrón de Rescate. They were replaced in 2004 by upgraded Huey II's.

(All Photo's  Copyright of Dax M. Roman)

Eight UH-1H-II Huey II's have been delivered. They are now appearing in the new two-tone grey scheme (lower two pics) after maintenance.


Dominican Navajo

(Copyright Juan A. Rodriguez III)

PA.31-310 Navajo C FAD1540 (c/n ??) is one of four drug smuggling aircraft that were impounded before being delivered to the Fuerza Aerea Dominicana on the 6th August 2008. Formally registered as C6-PAT, she now serves in the Liason role with the Escuadrón de Transporte "Pegasus" at San Isidro-Santo Domingo.

Dominica has operated four Navajo's of which, only two have served at any one time.

FAD1529   wfu May 1998
FAD1535  wfu June 2004
FAD1539  Delivered 2006, current status unknown
FAD1540  Current


Jordanian F-16's at play!

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F-16AM Fighting Falcon 675 acts as wingman to two other 6 Squadron F-16's from Azraq.

(Copyright Edwin Borremans & Stefan Degraef )

152 stands ready under the floodlit light at Azraq. She is an ex Belgian F-16AM and is operated by 1 Squadron.

(Copyright Edwin Borremans & Stefan Degraef )

Another 1 Squadron machine, this time in the form of an ex Dutch F-16BM serialed 130, inside it's hanger at Azraq,

(Copyright Edwin Borremans & Stefan Degraef )

F-16BM serial 136 in formation with a couple of other 1 Squadron mounts over the Jordanian desert.

(Copyright Edwin Borremans & Stefan Degraef )

Underside view of the above threesome from Azraq.

Kenyan Defender and Panda!

Kenya's fleet of MD500M/MD/ME's are located at Moi and Embakasi. Photographed in October last year on a trip to Mombasa, serial 537 seems to be one its Scout versions. Its in service with the Army Aviation flight.

(All photo's Copyright StevesAviation)

136 is one of 11 surviving Harbin Y.12-II Panda's that have been aquired from China. She is seen landing at Eastleigh.


Kyrgyzstan Mi-17!!

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This Photo was taken during August 2003 at the SPARC upgrade facility in St. Petersburg,  and show's a recently upgraded Kyrgyzstan Air Force Mi-17 Hip-H (serialed 101). Most of Kyrgyzstan's aviation asset's are located at Kant.

Ejercito Ecuador King Air

(Copyright Dick Lohuis)

Thank's go to Dick for this pleasing image of  a Ecuadorian Army Super King Air B200. Dick was lucky to Photograph her at Quito back in October 1999. Serialed AEE-101 (c.n.B8-811), she was unfortunatly lost on finals ten years later, on the 19-03-09.


Benin's Air Force One!

(Copyright Corentin)

Seen here taking off from Geneva is the Force Aerienne de Benin's ex Iberia Airline's Boeing 727-256adv  TY-24A (c.n.20819/1018). It is based at Cotonou-Cadjehoun IAP with the Presidential Flight.


Egyptian Commando

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Egypt was one of  the few countrie's that bought the Commando version of the Westland Seaking, purchasing a total 28 in 4 version's. Commando MK.2B  723 (c.n.WA806) is one of two VIP version's delivered to the 506th Transport Brigade at Cairo-Almaza.

Mongolia's Mi-171E's

(Copyright Plutogno)

A tourist's stop at UlaanBator IAP on August 15th, 2010 gave up Mongolia's two Mi-171E's that were purchased during 2008. MT-1001 is fitted with Square window's and has a rather smart Airline style paint job for it's VIP role. MT-1002 on the other hand, looks much more buisiness like!

Mexico's Convair

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Conviar CV.580 TE-003 (c.n.455) of the Fuerza Aerea Mexicana sit's out under the Santa Lucia sun during 2000. Does anyone know the operating unit?

Bangladesh Biman Bahini MiG-21!

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Bangladesh ordered 10 MiG-21MF Fishbed-J's and a single MiG-21UM Mongol-A shortly after its war for Independance to supplant it's F-86 Sabre's. Arriving during 1973, they were operated by 5 Squadron from Dhaka AB. 046 (c.n.5169..046) is seen here in storage shortly after being withdrawn.

Singapore Warrior and Hunter!

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Aswell as 16 unarmed SF-260MS Warrior's, the Republic of Singapore Air Force also recieved 12 armed SF-260WS versions for operation with 150 Squadron at Seletar. Seen here wearing the second generation style Roundel is aircraft 156 (c.n.524/39-006). She was transferred to tne Indonesian Air Force and registered as LK-2607 during 2002.

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A line up of 140 Squadron Hunter's at their Paya Lebar Base sometime during 1986. Aircraft 521 is an ex Royal Air Force FGA.MK.9 converted to FGA.MK.74B standard, and is one of 22 such version's that were delivered from 1972.

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141 Squadron was the last Hunter operator, dispensing with them for the RF-5E during 1992 at Tengah. Aircraft 534 is carrying the current roundel, and is an FGA.MK.74B.