Algerian King Air C.90

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Seen on its delivery flight in Spain during 1995, and carrying its ferry registration of N3128K, this King Air C90B is actually 7T-WCA. It is in service with the 68th EEP.

Bamako Air Base 1997

Armée de l'Air du Mali MiG-21bis-SAU Fishbed-N lie idle in their hanger at Bamako-Senou during 1997. Five of this Model were supplied to Mali, and were used during its short War with Burkina-Faso.

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Zaire Buffalo

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Zaire received three DHC-5D Buffalo's. 9T-CBA (c.n.72) was the first to be delivered, the others being 9T-CBB (cn.73) and 9T-CBC (c.n.73).

Yemeni AN-12B Cub

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Photographed at khormaksar in January 1992, this AN-12B Cub serialed 802/7O-ABM is one that was formally used by South Yemen before unification in 1990. Any survivors are now under the control of 115 Squadron operating out of Saana IAP.

Libyan Twin Otter

DHC.6-300 Twin Otter 5A-DDC (c.n.682) was used by the Libyan Ministry of Agriculture, aswell as other Govermental departments. Its seen here, maybe back under Air Force control.

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Slovenian PC-9

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Slovenia's initial PC-9's were ex US Army example's 91-0071(c.n.182), 91-0072 (c.n.181) and 91-0073 (c.n.180). They were allocated the Slovenian serials of S5-DPI, S5-DPT and S5-DSL respectively, and were delivered during March 1995. S5-DPI "Piran" is seen here at Ljubiana-Brnik where they served alongside the later delivered PC-9M's within the 15th Brigades, Letalska Eskadrila.

A couple of Indonesians

These two photo's seem to be have been taken at the same Air event during the mid Eighties. The NC.212M-200 Aviocar A-2107 (c.n.249/N69) is painted in the original White and Grey, and is from 4 Sku at Malang. The other bird is one of Indonesia Naval Air Arm's Searchmaster L aircraft, equipped for patrolling Indonesia's exstensive coastal waters. She carries the Badge of 800 Sku operating from Surabaya-Juanda. She is serialed P-817 (c.n.125M), and was written off in waters off  Mapur Island during May 1987.

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Nepal Islander

Nepal use's a couple of Islander's that were donated to them by the UK Goverment. Operated by the Nepal Army Air Wing's 11th Brigade based at Kathmandu. BN-2T (c.n.2190) RAN-50 carries no Identification marks at all, and is pictured here during 2008.

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