Something very rare - operational Brazilian Impala's!

(Copyright Unknown)

In a deal reached with the South African Goverment during 2004, ARMSCOR were to supply the Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB) around 14 ex SAAF Impala I/II's . However, after the delivery of the first Aircraft, they were found to be in so bad condition that, the deal was scrapped. Two Impala II's did make it into FAB service however, with the Natal-Augusto Severo based 1°/4°GAv.

Operated in their former SAAF Dark Green and Earth scheme, the two aircraft were designated as AT-26A's and given the registrations FAB-4630 AND 4632. They were not to serve for long, since the 1°/4°GAv soon converted to the F-5EM at Manaus-Ponta Pelada.

Tie ups are:-

Ex SAAF 1085 (c.n.86) to FAB-4630
Ex SAAF 1003?? to FAB-4632

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