Back to the Congo...

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From top to Bottom:-

1. Three Aermacchi MB.326K's sit in that hanger again at Kisangani. Visable are FG-478 and FG-479.

2. Another view of MB.326K FG-479. As a bonus, in this photo, you can also see the tail section of a SF.260MZ Warrior, a couple of Antonov's, a surviving C-130H, and one of the two MiG-23UB's!

3. A flypast by the Air Force over the capital last year, included this Light Grey painted An.26 Curl in full Air Force colours. I just cant discern the serial, so if anyone knows?

4. Also included in that flypast, were these two wonderfully camouflaged Mi-8T Hip-C's. Again, the serials are not visable, so if anyone knows?

5. Photographed a few years ago at Kisangani was this Mi-35 Hind-E serieled 9T-HM2.

6. And finally, that second ex Libyan MiG-23UB Flogger-C serieled FG-2000, and carrying the old Libyan serial of 7920 on its nose!

Remember, a lot of my photo's come from uncheckable source's such as Aviation Forums, so if anyone recognise's a photo that belong's to them, please drop me a line, and i will gladly credit the photo to you!!

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