Somali Hunter!

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CC-705 (c.n.HAB/003091) is one of around 5 ex Abu Dhabi Hunter FGA.MK.76's that were supplied to the Somali Air Force during 1982. Also included in the transfer were a single Recce configured FR.MK.75A and a couple twin seat T.MK.77's.

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Spare's and trained pilot's for the aircraft were a problem for the Somalian's with some aircraft being canabilised to keep the other's airworthy. CC-702 is seen here derelict at Baidoa during June 1993.

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CC-705 again, though this time abandoned and derelict at Baidoa. Behind, is one of the Somali Air Force's two T.MK.77's serialed CC-711.

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Hunter T.MK.77 CC-711 is sen here beating up the runway in better day's. The Somali's simply used the old Abu Dhabi serials, prefixed with the letters CC, and applying their roundals over the Abu Dhabi fin flash.

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Another view of CC-711 derelict at Baidoa sometime during 1993, showing the upper wing camo pattern.

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