UAE Special Force's Twin Otter!

(Copyright Buzu - MaltaAirSpotters)

Quite a suprise for spotter's at Malta's Luqa Airport on the 13th of June, was the appearance of this UAE DHC.6-300 Twin Otter. Carrying the serial 2277 (c.n 672), she is operated by the UAE Army's Special Operations Command's 18 Group, out of  Sas al Nakhil. Was this just a maintenance flight or was it connected to the ongoing UN/NATO operation over Libya?

Another DHC.6-300 is DU-SD3 (c.n.765), but painted in an overall white scheme. She is used for Parachute training, aswell as for skydiving tourist's!

(Copyright Unknown)

Do you have any photo's of UAE military aircraft that you would like to be shown on here?  Please contact me agrotis@hotmail.co.uk

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