Al Quwwat al-Jawwiyah al Arabiya as-Souriya!!!

Syria's aircraft strength is very hard to assertain with various estimate's to number's of Aircraft delivered or in service, so please excuse me for any inaccuracie's if indeed they are inaccurate! Seen above are two image's of Syria's 40 or so MiG-29A Fulcrum-A's. Unfortunately, the serials are a little obscured due to haze and distance, but the scheme is very apparent. Syria is upgrading it's early MiG-29's to M-2 standard, and has ordered the more advanced MiG-29SMT.

The picture's above are taken Aleppo, and show some of the 33 MiG-23MLD Flogger-K's and MiG-23UB Flogger-C's that were transferred to Syria during 2008 from Belorussian stock's. They dont seem to carry any Syrian markings, so are proberly used as spares to keep the 100 or so fleet of earlier delivered MiG-23's airworthy, most of which are being upgraded. With that in mind, its also possible that some of the above may be upgraded, but it would be a pretty costly exercise to deliver the aircraft then take them back for upgrade!

A rare beast indeed! Seen here are example's of Syria's estimated 20 SU-24MK Fencer-D strike and interdiction Aircraft. They seem to wear the same scheme as Algerian examples, but unfortunately, no codes/serial's are noticable.

Another rare beast is the Syrians SU-22. A fleet of around 50 Su-22M-2 Fitter-J and SU-22M-4 Fitter-H aircraft. This aircraft seems to be wearing a scheme very similar to those of Iraq.

Three of Syria's 60 MiG-23BN Flogger-H aircraft formate over the Syrian skyline. Like those delivered to other countries, they seem to be painted in seperate schemes?

Not all of Syria's airpower is from the former Soviet Union as these Aerospatiale SA-342L Gazelle's testify. They suppliment the much heavier Mi-24 Hind in the close support and and anti-armour role, and have seen action over Lebanon. It is estimated that 42 may be in service, though attrition and serviceability issue may mean less are available.

Syria has over the year's recieved over a 100 Mi-8's in differing version's that include ELINT, VIP, Transport, and Assualt. This seem's seem's to be an armed Mi-8TB Hip-F model, used for Assault.

The fleet of early model Mi-8's has been supplamented by the much more capable Mi-17 Hip-H in the armed Assault role, with around 40 being delivered.

                                                    (All Photo's courtesy of Luftwaffe A.S.)

Many thank's to Luftwaffe A.S for his permission in using his unique and wonderful Photographe's!

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