Equatorial Guinea

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An-32B Cline 3C-4GE (c.n.3603) "Col. Cosme Ondo Nchama" is one of two that were operated by the Goverment Flight of the National Guard at Malabo - Macias Island. Her sistership 3C-5GE (c.n.1609) was written off on the 16th April 2008. She was formally operated in Light Grey scheme.

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Another Russian Transport that is in service with the Goverment Flight is this IL-76TD Candid (c.n.73479386) 3C-LGF. She is seen here in China during 2008, and is used for Long haul flights.

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The National Guards Training Flight is also based at Malabo, and is equipped with two ex Ukrainian L-39C Albatrosses. These can be armed as seen by the Hardpoint on serial 025(c.n.533230). Also note the Leopard below the cockpit, and the roundels seemed to have been "patched on"

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Mi-24P Hind-F  "020" is one of two supplied to the National Guard's Helicopter Flight from Ukrainian stock's. One of which is usually detached to Bata.

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At the cutting edge of the National Guard's offensive capabilitie's are four ex Ukrainian SU-25UB Frogfoot-B's of the Fighter Flight, based at Malabo.

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Two Enstrom 480B's are used on Coastal Patrol duties with the Helicopter flight. As you can see, the National Guard relies heavilly on contracted East European's to service and operate their fleet. 017 (c.n.5102 )  is seen on the deck of one the Navel Patrol Craft.

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One of two Mi-172's  that are operated within the Goverment Flight, tasked mainly with Govermental and VIP transport. 3C-LLE (c.n.246) is seen here in 2007.

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