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BN-2A-21 Islander (c.n.589) s7-AUU (top) in 1996 Coast Guard scheme, re-serialed A2-01M and now painted in this Light grey scheme at Mahe.

(Copyright Trevor Bartlett - Airliners.net)

SA.226T Merlin IIIB (c.n.417) SY-005 Mahe 3-10-86

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(Copyright Rolf Wallner - Airliners.net)
SA.316B Chetak (c.n.??) H1-02 Mahe (lower, original scheme in 1992, upper in recent camo)

(Copyright Trevor Bartlett - Air Britian)

Rallye 235E (c.n.13127) A1-01 Mahe 3-10-86

(Copyright Unknown)

DHC,6-300 Twin Otter (c.n.??) SY-007 Mahe 2010.

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