Iranian Air Power

(Copyright Golden_Crown)

A Pair of Irans dwindling number of F-5A Freedom Fighter's streak through an Iranian mountain pass. Aircraft 2-7255 wears the code of the 7th TAB, but is in fact flying with the 85th TFS at the 8th TAB Esfahan.

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A MiG-29UB Fulcrum-B (3-6302) of the Tabriz based 23rd TFS comes in to land.

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A 41st TFS F-5F takes off from its Dezful base on a training mission, with two practice bombs strapped on. This individual aircraft is 00682/3-7155 (c.n.Z1002).

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F-5E Tiger II (c.n.U1065) 01368/3-7335 from the 21st TFS takes off from it base at Tabriz carrying a practice round. This particular aircraft has been re-serialed from 3-7078.

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